SETP has been in business since 1963, and operates one of the municipal quarries at Comblanchien. The company grew rapidly in 1995, when it branched into the manufacture of stone products for urban development.

Having built a plant in 1997, acquired stone-working equipment, and undergone a series of expansions, SETP now has a production capacity capable of supplying large-scale construction sites such as tramways and redevelopment projects in major towns and cities.

In 2002, the company diversified into producing STONEBOX® gabions, which are prefilled in the quarry, enabling it to recycle a large proportion of the quarry waste and extend its product range.

The distinctive geology of our region enables us to obtain a solid rock of excellent quality, that can be seen in many structures and historic buildings

Our Comblanchien site lies at the heart of the basin in which Burgundy stone is extracted, and offers advantages unique in France:

a limestone whose technical properties make it suitable for use in ground surfacing for exterior projects, or for filling STONEBOX® gabions.

an extraction capacity that enables us to supply large-scale projects in urban development and surfacing, and in the retaining structures and soundproof walls sector with STONEBOX® gabions.